New Technology Testing for
Lead-Acid Batteries by
Lead-Acid Battery Additive Division of ITE
Chairman: J.C. Nardi (President of ITE)
Vice-Chairman: M. Yamashita (President of IBA)
Head of Japanese Battery
Research Group:
Mr. M. Mizutani
Advisors: R.J. Brodd (Former President of IBA)
A. Kozawa (Board Chairman of ITE)


Local Chairpersons:
USA (Torrance, CA): Mrs. Yamaguchi (Head of Sample Distribution)
Europe: Dr. Yazami (Vice President of IBA)
Japan: Dr. S. Ikeda (ITE Research Group)
Korea: S. Ohishi (ITE Battery Research Member)
China: Chen Jinggui (Head of Chinese Battery Association)


Samples of the Additives

Liquid, powder or tablets will be supplied for our test purposes starting Sept. 1, 1999. The test samples will only be distributed by our ITE and IBA officers to those who agree (signed statement) to provide the results of their testing. These are no-charge samples, but shipping and research expenses will be requested. The public sale of these products will start some time after 2001.

Expected Results

All the lead-acid batteries using these additives are expected to have their operating lives extended by 2-3 times. For example, fork-lift batteries (24- or 48-volt, 250 Ahr, $5000-$7000) usually last 4 to 5 years. With our additives, their life will be extended to 7 to 10 years with only 30% the cost of new batteries. Car batteries are expected to have an extended life up to 2 to 3 times for $6-8 per year with our additives. We can supply these additives by airmail.

Ordering Information

To order the additive’s test samples along with an agreement contract for the test results, contact our ITE L.A. (USA) Office (Mrs. Yamaguchi) at fax 1-310-325-4357.