English Correction Service by Fax
and Demonstration Tape Preparation for
Technical Presentation
by ITE-Technical English Division

BACKGROUND: ITE Inc.-JEC Press Dept. has published Japanese translations of ACS Style Guide for Japanese chemists. Since 1978, based on the suggestions of Prof. E. Yeager, Prof. A. Kozawa and Prof. K. Kordesch, we have published Progress in Batteries & Battery Materials (one volume per year). From these publication activities, our ITE English correction and editorial service has become one of our main services. We now offer these services by fax for those requiring our correction within a few days.

SERVICES AVAILABLE: We offer a complete technical English correction, proof-reading and taping service. This includes both grammatical and spelling corrections to produce clearer, more concise technical expression with a professional image, using English style and phrases accepted by all major scientific journals. All work is strictly confidential and can be received and returned by fax or air mail. We offer three types of return services: regular (completed within 7-10 days), rush/urgent (completed within 2-3 days) and special rush/immediate (completed within 1-2 days of receipt and returned by fax only). High quality tape recordings of corrected presentations or published works can be done at regular speed or with pauses in order to better understand and repeat important phrases or words. We also offer typing of technical manuscripts. Finished manuscripts are available as hard copy and/or on computer disk using Microsoft Word™ . We have also been offering Technical English seminars cosponsored by the Chemical Society of Japan to help prevent "language anxiety."

CHARGES: Our charges for all correction/tapes are based on the time required to correct the work or complete the tape. A regular typed paper of 10 pages (double spaced) costs about $70-85. Manuscripts requiring few changes will cost less than those requiring many corrections. Further information concerning our exact charges can be obtained by requesting this information via fax or letter. Our rates are very competitive and much less than that charged by commercial Japanese companies.

METHODS OF PAYMENT: We offer three methods of payment (no credit cards accepted):

1. In Japan: Direct and easy payment (deposit) to our Japanese bank account.

2. In U.S.: By personal check mailed to our main office.

3. All other countries: By check drawn on U.S. bank and mailed to our main office.

Payment is only required upon completion of work.

Corrected work or prepared tape will be returned by airmail but fax or express mail services are available for an additional charge.

Send your order (manuscript) to:
ITE-Technical English Division
3398 Tyler Drive
Brunswick, OH 44212-3726 USA
Fax: 1-330-225-3834 and 1-330-273-0189






1. To: E-mail: editing@adelphia.net

ITE-Technical English Division
3398 Tyler Drive, Brunswick, OH 44212-3726 USA
Fax: +330-225-3834 and +330-273-0189

This request is for ( ) English correction only
( ) Tape preparation after English Correction
(good paper can be tape recorded for studying)
This request is for (1) ( ) Regular (7-10 day service)
(2) ( ) Rush (2-3 day service (+$30)
(3) ( ) Immediate (1 day service, 10 pages or less) (+$60)
(Return by ( ) Fax or ( ) Airmail (Regular ( ) or Express ( ))?
Our Fax No. is _________________________________ 4.
Abbreviated Title: ___________________________________________
Total manuscript pages: __________
Main Author: ________________________________________________
Return Address:
To: (Name) ______________________________________
(Address) ___________________________________
(Home) Tel: _______________________ Fax: _____________________
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Our invoice (payment request) will also be sent by airmail letter after the corrected paper has been returned by fax. Please pay promptly by the instructions included with the invoice. We do not accept credit cards at this time. We use an exchange rate of the bank rate +10%.
Reply Request
To confirm receipt of your manuscript, please check here ( ). Reply is no extra charge. We expect to finish correction/tape in _____ days. (J.C. Nardi)

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